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Miranda NG HotCoffee. Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Left mouse button — "LMB"
Right mouse button — "RMB"

Q.: Is there a general guide or FAQ on Miranda NG?
A.: Overall answers to frequently asked questions.

Q.: Where is the Main menu?
A.: By default Main menu button can be found in the top left corner of the contact list window.
A.: Also you can open Main menu by right-clicking on the tray status icon.

Q.: How do I disable animation in IEView?
A.: Main menu → Appearance → IEView animation. Screen

Q.: How do I make Miranda ask for password on every start?
A.: Main menu → Profile → Set password.

Q.: Where is the history of contacts that have not been added to list stored?
A.: Main menu → History → System History.

Q.: How to turn off the tabs on the taskbar in Windows 7?
A.: Options (classic options) → Message Sessions → tab Containers — uncheck Use Windows 7 task bar enhancements and restart Miranda. Screen

Q.: How to lock/unlock status of an account?
A.: Tray menu → Status → ICQ → ICQ. Screen

Q.: How to disable automatic scrolling of previous posts in messaging dialog during conversations?
A.: F12 key toggles auto-scrolling.

Q.: How to add a city to show weather forecast for?
A.: Main menu → Advanced → Find/add contacts… Choose Weather in menu Search: and enter the desired city into the field City: (use Latin characters) then click "Search" button. To add cities to the contact list, click on the found city and press Add to list button. Screen

Q.: How to add a radio station to contact list?
A.: Main menu → Advanced → Find/add contacts… To see the full list of stations predefined in the pack, don't enter station name. Choose mRadio in menu Search:, set Custom and click "Search" button. To add a station to the contact list, click on the desired one and press Add to list button. Screen
A.: If you want to add a station which is missing in the predefined list, go to Options (classic options) → Network → mRadio. Enter station URL in the field Station URL (reqiured) and press To list button. Screen