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Miranda NG HotCoffee. Downloads page

Latest version

Date Version Type of installation Filename Link Size
29.03.2022 1.0 Alpha R57 (x64/64bit) Standart & portable MirandaHotCoffee_1.0_x64.exe download 29 MB
29.03.2022 1.0 Alpha R57 (x86/32bit) Standart & portable MirandaHotCoffee_1.0_x86.exe download 28 MB

Self compilation

Many people in all corners of our planet always enjoyed, still enjoy and will enjoy the taste and aroma of coffee.
And so it happened that our pack received its name in the honor of that wonderful drink, and the word "Hot" means that a drink is ready to be used immediately.
According to the above mentioned, everybody has the opportunity to "make coffee" himself from "freshly ground Arabica beans".
To do this, clone the HotCoffee build project and run the "build.cmd" file. After completion, two installation files (x64 and x86) will be placed to the "output" folder.

Updating without an installer

You can update all Miranda NG components using the PluginUpdater plugin:
Main menu → Update → Check for updates
Immediately after the update, it is recommended to install your favorite set of icons:
Main menu → View → Icons → set of icons