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    Навіны (старонка 1/7)

    New stable build released: 0.95.13

    16.3.2021 | dartraiden

    After 6.5 years of development, we're proud to announce the final release of Miranda NG 0.95, build, with the large pack of fixes for the SQLite driver, which becomes our primary database for the future.

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    New stable build released:

    19.11.2020 | dartraiden

    A cumulative update for the stable version is available now for downloading: Miranda It includes numerous fixes and improvements, also some critical library updates (for example, we've finally switched to OpenSSL 1.1.1).

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    New stable build released: 0.95.12

    31.7.2020 | dartraiden

    Due to the massive conflicts in the source code, we couldn't update the stable version since May, 5th. Thus new stable build is made from scratch, incorporating all fixes and improvements. The only major step ahead is the implementation of database cursors to speed up access to history events.

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    New stable build released: 0.95.11

    2.2.2020 | dartraiden

    Glory, glory, hallelujah, we've finally got the new major stable version, 0.95.11, with two key features: unified message windows and unified message logs. Also, this build includes our new Facebook plugin which doesn't block a user's account.

    You can download the new version here.

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    Miranda’s stable build is prepared for upgrade

    14.1.2020 | dartraiden

    Today we rolled out patched stable version with modified MDBX driver. A new driver verifies that your profile is compatible with the release version of MDBX that comes with 0.95.11, and if your profile has an obsolete structure, Miranda now automatically tries to upgrade it. If this operation succeeds, you will feel only minor delay at the program’s startup. If the silent upgrade fails, you get redirected to our wiki, which contains instructions on how to revive your profile manually.

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    Attention to all users that have the development version of Miranda NG (0.95.11.xxxxx)

    28.12.2019 | dartraiden

    The forthcoming nightly build will contain a brand new Facebook plugin based on MQTT protocol instead of the old deprecated plugin that used direct parsing of HTTP pages.

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