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    UserVoice for Miranda NG

    23.5.2014 | dartraiden

    We've registered a UserVoice service for Miranda NG in order to understand what our users need and desire the most.

    If you're not familiar with this service yet, you should know that it is designed for better managing feature requests from users.

    For example, if you want „Plugin for making coffee“, you should open Miranda NG's UserVoice page and write there your idea. To make it clear, you can (and should) also append detailed description about how exactly it should work (what exactly do you want from it).

    „Hmm, but why should I use UserVoice? I can post this request directly to your Issues tracker!“ you may say. Well, here is how it works:

    • Every user has 10 votes he can „spend“ on various requests
    • You can either create own new request or you can vote on requests from other people
    • On each request you can spend from 1 to 3 votes (more votes = more priority)
    • You can remove your votes from any request at any time (so you can spend them on better request)
    • When a request is fulfilled (= feature implemented), you get your votes back (so you can spend them on other requests)

    Because every user has only 10 votes, he must choose wisely what features are most important for him. This way we can see what is most needed feature, plugin, etc. and on what we should draw our attention and our precious time to.

    What you could request? Basically anything. Few examples:

    • creating new plugin with particular features (like „Telegram protocol“)
    • adopting old plugin from Miranda IM (like „Chess4Net plugin“)
    • implementing new feature for some plugin (like „Loading history from Facebook website“)
    • fixing old bug that bugs you (like „Fix showing correct X-statuses in ICQ protocol (ticket #999 on tracker)“)
    • creating new langpack (like „Pirate's lan­gpack“)
    • creating some web service for Miranda NG (like „Addons portal“)
    • and anything else…

    Important note: UserVoice is not meant for making bug reports. For bug reports you should use our bug tracker. Only if you think that your bug (already reported on tracker) is not getting attention it deserves, you can create also request on UserVoice to let us see how important it really is for all our users. Make sure you append link to your ticket on tracker (or at least ticket #number) into request title/description (like in example above).

    Please start by adding your requests and suggestions to our UserVoice page, vote for other people's request and make it live!

    Please read our forum for more information.