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    Ważne ogłoszenia

    Attention Windows XP users

    19.9.2019 | dartraiden

    Due to the renewal of the certificate used by our server, Windows XP users have lost the ability to receive the updates using PluginUpdater.

    Please do the following:

    1. switch to Custom version in the updater settings (Options → Services → Plugin Updater)
    2. manually replace https by http
    3. apply settings and run update check (Main menu → Search for updates)
    4. update Miranda and switch back to the desired version (Options → Services → Plugin Updater)
    5. (Important) do not enable Use HTTPS option

    New stable build released:

    29.7.2019 | ghazan

    You can download the update here.

    Due to many incompatible changes in the development version, we faced some difficulties applying critical fixes to the stable version, so we had to rename the development version into and publish it as new stable build.

    No new features, only tons of fixes. The full changelog is available here.