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    New stable build released, 0.95.5

    17.6.2016 | dartraiden

    Incredible, but after a year we finally succeeded to assemble new stable version, 0.95.5. Download here.

    • All code from Miranda*.exe has been moved into Libs\mir_app.mir, mir_core.dll has been moved to Libs\mir_core­.mir, all other libs are moved too. The old DLL files will be deleted on first start.
    • New protocols: MinecraftDynmap, SkypeWeb, Tox.
    • New plugins: MessageState, MirLua, Toaster and ZeroSwitch .
    • AIM can connect to AIM network again.
    • Facebook: implement login with two-way authorization, other login fixes.
    • ICQ: maximum password length in is now 16 symbols instead of 8. If you cannot login into ICQ after updating to 0.95.5, re-enter the first 8 symbols of your password in the options dialog.
    • MSN: support for MSNP24, ability to log in again, added embedded Internet Explorer Window for MSN 2-factor authentication or other login issues where manual user intervention is necessary.
    • MirOTR: libotr updated to 4.1.1 (fixes CVE-2016–2851).
    • OpenSSL: Fix for 100% CPU usage.
    • SkypeClassic moved to deprecated.
    • SpellChecker: hunspell updated to 1.4.1,
    • XFire moved to deprecated (XFire servers are down for a while now).
    • Ability to use TLS versions higher than TLS 1.0.

    All details here.