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    News (page 5/6)

    New stable build released, 0.94.6

    5.11.2013 | ghazan

    This is an emergency build, created out of schedule by request of jabber.ru server admins, to fix the authentication problem in Jabber. Without it an access to many xmpp servers running ejabberd might be terminated at any moment.

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    New stable build released, 0.94.5

    1.10.2013 | watcher

    This build is dedicated to numerous bug fixes and improvements.

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    Brand new Miranda NG Installer

    3.9.2013 | watcher

    Miranda NG now has new installer with new soundpack, portable and regular installation types and more!

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    Webpage improvements

    5.7.2013 | Robyer

    Added news with RSS channel, style improvements, content update. Also downloads page was added.

    New stable build released, 0.94.4

    3.7.2013 | ghazan

    This new stable build is dedicated to the critical bugfixes.

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    New stable build released, 0.94.3

    30.5.2013 | ghazan

    The debut of our Skype plugin, serious fixes for the PluginUpdater and Facebook, tons of other fixes.

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