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    Important announcements

    New stable build released: 0.95.9

    5.9.2018 | dartraiden

    Another roadmap goal was achieved: the Import plugin now is able to import files of mContacts format & also a JSON text files, thus making ImportTXT plugin obsolete.

    Also, some problems with new database format were solved, and now it's time to finalize version 0.95 at all, cause we have the only missing feature: event ids support.

    You can download the new version here.

    The complete changelog is available here.

    Miranda-vi.org service is down, long live vi.miranda-ng.org!

    13.11.2014 | watcher

    As we all know – popular service http://miranda-vi.org was recently shut down.

    To fix the situation we created vi.miranda-ng.org on our site and changed CrashDumper accordingly. Feel free to register at vi.miranda-ng.org and enter new login and password in CrashDumper settings.

    Happy VersionInfo uploading!