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    Attention to all users that have the development version of Miranda NG (0.95.11.xxxxx)

    28.12.2019 | dartraiden

    The forthcoming nightly build will contain a brand new Facebook plugin based on MQTT protocol instead of the old deprecated plugin that used direct parsing of HTTP pages.

    The main advantage of the new plugin is that it doesn't block your account and works pretty fast. It supports private messages for now, as well as retrieving user info + avatars, typing notifications, status updates, and some minor features.

    The main disadvantage of it is that the plugin is quite raw, its development lasts for 10 days only. It has neither support for reading timeline nor support for group chats. Also, it doesn't support two-factor authorization. If these features are vitally important for you, you shall switch to the stable version of Miranda.

    All other people are welcome to test new plugin, any feedback is greatly appreciated as well as bug reports at our tracker. Hopefully, this plugin will be finished quite soon.