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    New stable build released, 0.95.1

    6.7.2014 | ghazan

    First stable build of 0.95 introduces the kernel metacontacts, including support for the contact lists, message editors and so on.

    Please run DbChecker before update!

    Important note for all users of Miranda NG builds prior to 0.94.9: since the support for db_mmap_sa & dbx_tree plugins was discontinued, you must upgrade to 0.94.9 first to convert your existing profiles.“

    Also in this build:

    • Improved support for multiple langpacks:
      • Now all langpacks are stored in the subfolder Languages below Miranda NG root directory. PluginUpdater will move all your langpacks from root to Languages subfolder automatically, if you don't use PluginUpdater you have to do it manually. Note that PluginUpdater will only move the langpack after it has been updated itself.
      • A new parameter DefaultLanguage has been added to [Language] section of mirandaboot.ini.
      • A new options dialog has been added in Customize → Languages to select a per-profile language and to switch languages on the fly.
      • LangMan has been moved to deprecated because of the change above.
    • NewXstatusNotify can log status changes in the database now (Options → Status → Status Notify: Log status changes in history must be enabled).
    • New plugins are available: Dropbox, NewAwaySys, HistoryStats, Sametime, GmailNotifier.
    • Silent updates are now implemented in PluginUpdater. With this option enabled Miranda will download the updated components automatically without any interaction with user. The real update will occur when Miranda is restarted by user whenever he wants to.