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  • About Miranda NG

    Miranda NG is a successor of a popular multi-protocol instant messaging client for Windows - Miranda IM. Very light on system resources and extremely fast.

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    Protocol Support

    Supported Operating Systems

    • Miranda NG supports Windows 2003 / XP (SP 3) / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10.

    Miranda NG is designed, written & supported by:

    • Sergey Bolkhovskoy aka Elzor
    • Alexander Gluzsky aka sss
    • Vladislav Grishenko aka theMIROn
    • Ekaterina Gritsenko aka Tuarisa
    • George Hazan aka ghazan
    • Nikolai Romanovich aka MikalaiR
    • Ivan Rozhuk aka rozhuk
    • Alexander Shorin aka Kxepal
    • Kirill Volinsky aka Mataes
    • Tobias Weimer aka Wishmaster


    Miranda NG is published under the GNU GPL license.

    Thanks To

    We would like to thank the following people for making Miranda NG and the website possible:

    • Miranda IM team – for their good work in the past
    • Michal Tomášek aka Cree — for the initial graphics design of this website
    • All testers, translators and users for their support