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    Novinky (stránka 3/5)

    Version 0.94 is finally released, the kernel cyphering epopea is considered finished.

    2.2.2014 | dartraiden

    Thus version 0.94.9 became the ‚golden‘ build that is announced as the final version.

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    Miranda NG is on GitHub

    30.1.2014 | dartraiden

    Miranda NG project is going to improve contributions workflow and now provides official mirror on GitHub! Fork us, develop new features, fix the bugs and send pull requests to us. Contribution process was never so easy as it is now!

    Happy coding and active contributing!

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    0.94 RC2 - closer and closer to a release

    29.1.2014 | dartraiden

    This version gathers all minor fixes found in RC1. If no serious problems were detected, this build will be uploaded as 0.94 Release.

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    Introducing a forthcoming release of Miranda NG 0.94

    25.1.2014 | dartraiden

    Everything that was planned for version 0.94 in the roadmap is implemented now. Thus the 0.94 RC1 (aka 0.94.7) was released today, as a testbed to test the upgrade from any version to 0.94. Any bug reports that could stabilize 0.94 are greatly appreciated. Please note that your profiles are automatically converted to the new mmap-format and there is no way back to an elder version after the upgrade. It is therefore recommended that you make a backup before the upgrade.

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    Vícejazyčné webové stránky

    16.12.2013 | Robyer

    S radostí vám oznamujeme, že naše stránky jsou nyní dostupné ve více jazycích!

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    Nové fórum

    16.11.2013 | Robyer

    Konečně bylo vytvořeno naše vlastní fórum na https://forum.miranda-ng.org/.

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