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    Навіны (старонка 5/6)

    Webpage improvements

    5.7.2013 | Robyer

    Added news with RSS channel, style improvements, content update. Also downloads page was added.

    New stable build released, 0.94.4

    3.7.2013 | ghazan

    This new stable build is dedicated to the critical bugfixes.

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    New stable build released, 0.94.3

    30.5.2013 | dartraiden

    The debut of our Skype plugin, serious fixes for the PluginUpdater and Facebook, tons of other fixes.

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    New stable build released, 0.94.2

    28.3.2013 | dartraiden

    This stabilization build includes: BuddyPounce, MsgPopup and StatusChange plugins were added. Crash in SRMM-related plugins (SmileyAdd, SpellChecker), caused by the various subclassing…

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    New version of the Plugin Updater plugin for Miranda IM

    5.3.2013 | dartraiden

    Plugin Updater is the plugin that automatically upgrades Miranda IM to Miranda NG. You only need to unpack it into your Miranda IM distribution and restart Miranda… et voila.

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    New stable build released, 0.94.1

    27.2.2013 | ghazan

    0.94.1 is the first stable build of the 0.94 road-map item, dedicated to the kernel data ciphering. In it:

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