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    New stable build released, 0.95.3

    31.12.2014 | dartraiden

    Version 0.95.3 incorporates the major roadmap's miles­tone: improved profile import with automatic/manual account scheduling.

    Also in this build:

    • ability to convert the single profile in automatic mode, without launching Profile Manager;
    • significantly improved VK & Facebook plugins;
    • brand new Actman v.3 plugin;
    • several new plugins added: WhatsApp, Steam, Dummy & IEHistory;
    • SkypeKit-based plugin moved to deprecated, because Microsoft discontinued its support;
    • VersionInfo plugin replaced with CrashDumper;
    • WART utility removed from WhatsApp plugin;
    • fix for logging into MSN;
    • PluginUpdater: warning if the server is not available

    Extended changelog is here.