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    New stable build released, 0.94.4

    3.7.2013 | ghazan

    This new stable build is dedicated to the critical bugfixes.

    • Major GDI resource leak fixed in Fingerprint plugin. It could cause various interface glitches, up to a crash.
    • Major bug was fixed in base64 encoder, that caused some rare login problems in MSN, MRA and GG. All private base64 encoders/decoders were exterminated and replaced with the core one.
    • Many memory leaks were fixed in Skype and some other plugins.
    • All old database services were finally removed and replaced with the micro-core function calls, speeding Miranda even more.
    • QueueUserAPC mechanism was removed from core, because it could easily cause a lock-up on exit.
    • Old bug was fixed in ICQ, that could cause serious timeouts on exit.
    • Zillions improvements were introduced in Skype proto, including fixed file transfers, accurate work with history etc.
    • Hangup on exit in GG was fixed.
    • Some file names’ case sensitivity problems were fixed in PluginUpdater.
    • Two plugins, ConnectionNotify and Exchange, were adopted and added.
    • A lot of improvements, fixes and changes were introduced into translations.
    • As usual, tons of minor fixes, improvements and code cleaning were applied to almost all plugins.