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    New stable build released, 0.94.3

    30.5.2013 | dartraiden

    The debut of our Skype plugin, serious fixes for the PluginUpdater and Facebook, tons of other fixes.

    • Skype: first working version.
    • Jabber: connection settings' preset for Odnoklassniki.ru was added.
    • Facebook: new toolbar icon and the Quick Post hotkey.
    • Facebook: rclick on notifications now marks them as read.
    • Facebook: support for the offline messages' loading.
    • PluginUpdater now can display all missing plugins that exist on the Miranda NG site.
    • PluginUpdater got the ability to update language packs also.
    • PluginUpdater was changed to store the user’s choice which plugins to update, thus allowing you to keep your icon DLLs safe.
    • RSS feeds export/import feature added to NewsAggregator plugin.
    • LotusNotify, MirFox, NimContact, SkypeStatusChan­ge, Spamotron, XSoundNotify, wbOSD, YahooGroups and YARelay plugins added.


    1. In order to keep your Popup plugin settings, before updating it is necessary to rename all PopUp* branches in your database to Popup*. If Miranda did update and the settings are lost, you need to do the following to restore them:
      • delete all the newly created Popup* branches
      • rename your old PopUp* branches to Popup*
      • restart the program.
    2. In order to fix custom Popup button in Clist_modern skin you need to do the same in *.msf file and then re-apply the skin.
    3. Due to changes in Folders plugin Miranda may fail to recognize paths to Clist_modern / TabSRMM / Tipper / Popup skins. Correcting the paths in Folders' settings and (in some cases) re-applying the skin will solve the problem.