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    New stable build released, 0.94.1

    27.2.2013 | ghazan

    0.94.1 is the first stable build of the 0.94 road-map item, dedicated to the kernel data ciphering. In it:

    • All plugins were prepared to the kernel ciphering, without breaking compatibility with the old code.
    • New plugins added in Miranda NG: HTTPServer, NoHistory, NotifyAnything.
    • Special account icons for Jabber and ICQ protocols were removed, and all accounts now retrieve their icons from the status bar (Options / Icons / Status Icons / / Online).
    • PluginUpdater now works ok with the enabled UAC in Windows Vista/7/8.
    • Dynamic options' behavior was changed: now Miranda offers to load/unload plugins when you change their startup status, and even allows you to restart Miranda automatically if you chose another contact list or a database plugin.
    • Massive crash fix and fix for checkboxes for plugins written in Pascal.
    • Massive translation improvements, Belarusian, Czech and German langpacks were added.
    • Advanced client detection in ICQ.
    • Improved main Miranda NG icons.
    • About 40 closed bugs and tons of another small bug fixes, changes and improvements.